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The AXXTEQ system philosophy

Axxteq system control the auto park entrance and have big potential at the changed city infrastructure.   


If you are compare the axxteqi system with other auto park systems, then you see that our equipment and our system is capable to solve many of your problems. The xparkq and axxess programs to solve many your problems. For understand the axxteq system you need step by step to view the equipment and programs which included the auto park system.


We continue to improve the axxteq system.To this promote very strong specialists base which we possess.

‘XPARQ’  Auto  parks  technology of the
ХХI  century
‘All in one  AUTO  PARK  SYSTEMS

For auto park system maintain need have big personnel base which include in itself the cashier, personnel leading the control for entrance and departure, technical personnel. We like a company borrowing leading position at this area can to save your money, that is to reduce staff due for system automation control. We automate entrance and departure system, entrance and parking payment. That is having one worker you can control all system, include also supervision camera which active at the CCTV system. XPARQ system include in itself all last progressive technologies using in the world.   






In all axxteq systems for working in a uniform network use the TCP/IP connecting reports. It is enables for support system in other systems and also enables to connect on Internet network.Our system developed on a basis Linux system. Flexibility of this system that Is all system since small reading device and stopping with complex system without problem, calculate and keeps account in uniform base independently from each other. At the same time if you wish with IP help we can to adapt support of the multimedia and video show online mode.  

On the overage for 1(one) second and in very short time interval a driver get the ticket and the barrier is opening.

Due to Loop detectors the system warns from not sanctioned descent of the barrier maximum safety for a short time. (Time of  release and rise 1 second)

Due to TCP/IP device connection system workers have big work speed.

Due to TCP/IP connection you can to trace a course of work and financial position your auto park system in anyone point  of the WORLD.

At occurrence of problems with program failure of the auto park system the            

ASKON Az personnel can online to remove your problems for a short time.

1.Due to Internet and multimedia the system include in itself latest technologies and program maintenance.  

2.The system can adjust under a  daily operating conditions, under a days off taking into account tariffs and so on. As we already marked the tariffs you can change being outside of system.  

3.Included in system (time of entrance, date of entrance, ticket number and so on). Can to use the barcode recognition system, instead of the ticket. The tickets no as the usual receipt, but as the terminal ticket such as ISO standard.

4.Auto park system with the (proximity) type card due that cards you can to adjust an user’s system.

5.The system is provided - passback . (no having driven can’not leave, not leave can’not drive repeatedly).

6.The client entrance made due to getting in cash department an barcode ticket. But in entrance having given the barcode ticket pays the account.

7.This control system working with computer server connecting to the system.  

8.Auto park control program and cash department program working from one server.  

9.Auto park system program  working on licensed LINUX.

10. All information stored in LINUX server POSTGRESQL and operates with the APACHE program web server on-line.

11. Devises in system working connecting with each other due the TCP/IP report.

12. Due the Ethernet TCP/IP can to connect to the local network.  

13.Due the TCP/IP connection You can operate all your programs with the auto park system on distance and on-line.

14. If you have problem in the system not necessarily the owner going at the auto park he can decide all problems with our system on distance.  

15. Using our systems you save time on control of elimination problems thanking for opportunity of elimination from outside of.  

16. You can to mount audio (loudspeakers) and video equipment.

17. Thanking for the digital audio and video system can to create audio and video contact between the serving personnel.

18. System allow to supervise of the control system workers and safety with the web camera help.

19. System has an opportunity to save video materials of the  course of work in current 15 days. Video materials you can to look through also on distance.

20. System working  on- line. You can control the course of work, personnel work, working with the system programs, watches a conditions this or that device.


XparQ  Terminal LT/150


It is designed for the entrance control.  

Using in entrances. Anyone auto park system need on this equipment. That equipment can to execute delivery function of the ticket, ticket reading.  

Modules  Further can be mounted and other new devices, that is gives support to other system modules.  

Options Using the Prox (proximity) cards you can to adjust an user’s payment system.  

Additional options with the digital audio and video system help it is created visual and audio contact.


With the BARCODE OPTIC input reader help you can read out unlimited quantity of the tickets.


CX / 150 payment station makes an payment in manual and it is connected to the compact computer.

All auto park systems are supplied with the Askon-XparQ system. CX / 150  - this is the station of the automatic payment also it can use at the similarity payment forms. CX / 150 device collect information to connected to it server. CX / 150 with the compact device help you can made the device search. (Writing out ticket, monitor, the display showing to client the payment sum).  

Maybe used the barcode cards. The cards also calculate with the specially modules of reading.

CX / 150 thanking to the digital audio and video system it creates the opportunity for adjusting visual and sound contact to client.

PG / 150 How is our equipment and also the barriers in operation appeared very qualitative. Rise and descent making in current a few seconds.  

The Askon-XparQ systems can cope to one personal (from the determined command point or due the internet)

In a financial position You more economy. Not employ more quantity of the personnel, You  may control all process.

At switching – off  the electro energy you can open the barriers in manual.

At occurrence of a problem with the barrier engine not necessarily.

The barrier have special electric voltage  stabilizer and stabilized all differences of a voltage itself.

At breakage of the barrier and similar situations have the sensor option warning which send message of the breakage on computer.