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Hydraulic spherical mushroom barrier: It is an automatic barrier produced for high security requirements at 60*28*55 cm (+/- 15 %) box sizes, in burrow mounting type which prevents vehicle access by elevating in a pie piece spherical fashion and provides steel body structure.
CPU:It is the main board to which all electric components of hydraulic mushroom barrier are connected to and which is produced in microprocessor architecture and has adjusting capacity in accordance with variable conditions and usage types.
Pvc Box: Hydraulic Engine:
Hydraulic Engine: It is the powerful hydro – mechanical group which is used to open and close the barrier system.


Technical Specifications:
System shield measurements are; shield radius 550 mm, shield width 200 mm, shield height when opened 450 mm, sheet iron thickness used in the shield on front and back 6 mm, on side sheet iron 4 mm. (± 5 %)
Exterior Box Measurements of the system;are: 60*28*55 cm (± 15 %).
The system opens and closes hydraulically. The opening and closing speed is between 10-15 seconds. If the system encounters an obstacle or becomes jammed while elevating or descending the hydraulic engine system would be out of gear and doesn’t damage the mechanism.
The barrier can neither be elevated nor descended manually while the barrier is in open or close position.
Even though the system is left open for a long period of time, there won’t be any elevation difference and there won’t be any descending.
The barrier is durable against max. 20 tons of axial load.
The barrier is durable against 600 joules of vertical axial damage for frontal vehicle crashes and 400 joules of vertical axial damage for back vehicle crashes. For harder impacts the engine flange fixation pin breaks and prevents further damage to the body.

All mechanic parts are dyed with electrostatic paint.
Glow in the dark warning signs are stuck to the body for better night vision.
There are metal bodied flashing warning lights which charges up during daylight and illuminate red at night fixed on top of the body.
There are embedded 12 or 24 VAC voltage and 50 watt capacity armature lights which will illuminate day and light on the front side of the barrier.
In case of electricity shut down the barrier can be switched to manual mode by a key and can be descended manually.
When the hydraulic engine comes to its open and close position limits the hydraulics go out of gear automatically. This pressure can be adjusted separately for both ways.
It has CPU microprocessor structure. There are detachable Clemens at the cable inputs. Separate fuses are used on the CPU for engine and 24 VAC power.
There are; adjustable engine protection, automatic closing timer and automatic closing direction selection options on the CPU.
There is 24 VAC exterior power output on the CPU.
The system is compatible with additional components such as photocell, traffic armature (red-green), flashing warning lights, lab detector, remote control receiver card, fixed cabled button, adjustable timer, proximity card etc.
Minimum 3 gaff spherical mushroom barrier can be used together with one single CPU main board.
As many gaff spherical mushroom barriers as desired can be run simultaneously using a single main board and group relay card.
Even though one or more simultaneous running gaff spherical mushroom barriers malfunction, the others continue operating.
There are LEDs indicating operating and status information on the CPU.
System can execute a daily minimum of 300 maneuvers mechanically.
There is dust piping on the sides of gaff spherical mushroom barriers.
There is a locked maintenance lid on the gaff spherical mushroom barriers, the dust and dirt gathered inside can be cleaned and all kinds of maintenance operations can be done through this lid.
The whole engine group can be simply detached and taken outside without uninstalling or demounting the Gaff spherical mushroom barrier’s body from its fixation.
There are neither analog nor digital limit switches inside the mushroom barrier’s body.
The whole system can be operated on 220 VAC / 50 HZ (± 20 %) energy.
Engine operating voltage is 220 VAC / 50 HZ (± 20 %), engine power is 375 watts (± 20 %)
All electronic cards are placed in water, humidity and dust resistant box made of PVC.
The product complies with CE, TSE, ISO, AIDA (International Automated Door Producers Association) norms and regulations.