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Alligator - teeth traps are one of the most useful high security blockage systems.with its laser cut mono - block smooth body type, these traps can protect themselves towards corrosion and environmental conditions for years.These traps are also easily resisting 30 tons of axle weight.Alligator - teeth traps are produced as two types:

1.Electro - mechanic systems: In that type of traps,movement of the teeth is obtained by a motor and redactor.System can be controlled by fixed button,remote control,proximity card (with reader)and vehicle recognition system.Because the system works full automatically,teeth close automatically after a determined period (between 10 second to 64 second).Electric panel of the system,that includes programmed main - boards and integrated drivers,is fully protected from exterior interventions.

2.Electro - magnetic systems: In that type of traps,movement of the teeth is obtained by electro magnetic mechanism.The most important advantage of this system is short reaction time (0.45 second).System can be activated quıckly in an emergency situation by remote controls,panic buttons or with the information that comes from proximity cards.With its unique specialties electro - magnetic traps are useful systems for high security needed places such as embassies,ministry buildings and the main entrances of the garrisons.

a)Security Measures:
Photocell:These receiver - transmitter photocells prevent unexpected rises of the teeth when a vehicle is passing over the system.
Lab - detector:These censor is embed into the ground for preventing unexpected rises of the teeth when any metal block (ex:vehicle) on the system.
Sinyalizasyon: If reguired,flasher lamp and traffic lights can be added to the system.
Working Style:
One - way control:
In thıs type of systems,teeth are independent from each other,entries are under control and exits are free.
Two - way control: In thıs type of systems,teeth are independent from each other,entries and exists and exists are under control.

Produced as up to 6 meter lenght
All mechanıcal parts are cut ın cnc plasma workbench
Number of the parts and weld ıs decreased to mınımal level
Possıblıty to be broken of the welded parts ıs low
All surfaces are covered wıth hot plunged galvanızatıon (100 - 150 Mıcron)
System can resıst 35 tons axle weıght
Trap ıs elastıc ın the entrıes of hıgh tonage vehıcles
Tooth tallness is 480 mm heıght ıs 400 mm and angle is 45*
Teeth are moved by the hydraulıc power
Teeth are made of 15 mm sheet ıron
Statıc and kınetıc weıghts of the teeth are wıth low group
Mechanıcal lıfe - span ıs calculated as 1000000 openıng - closıng


System ıs completely desıgned wıth cpu (Mıcro processor) archıtecture
Automatıc slow tıme can be wounded between 0-90 second
Protectıon tıme perıod for the hydraulıc motor ıs between 0-90 second
System has thermıcal protectıon
Flashor warnıng lamb can be mounted to the system
All of the electronıc board and parts are ın the ınsulated pvc box
Photecell lab detector and sıgnalızatıon can be applıed to the system for entrance securty
In lock of electtıcy system can work by 2*12 vdc accumulator kıt
In the sıtuatıon of breakdown system can work wıth manual hand pomp
System can work electrıcally between +20 +60*
Openıng reactıon speed ıs maxımum 2 second closıng reactıon speed ıs maxımum 3 second
Can be work wıth other entry systems
System can be controlled by remote control,button,photocell,lab detector,codıng panel and reader


Casabba mark pomp ıs used ın hydraulıc systems
Mını powerback tank group can work wıth 10 lt. oıl
Even ıf the system works often,hydraulıc oıl do not warm up
Hydraulıc pressure ıncrease automatıcally when ın become covered wıth ıce
System can work actıvely between -15, +60*
Unauthorızed ınterventıons towards trap are restrıcted wıth hydraulıc lock
Hydraulıc pıpes 3/4'' double steal surrounded and of good qualıty rubber
Selendıd valve'sworkıng voltage ıs 24 vdc
Hydraulıc motor ıs 24 vdc/200 watt and suıttable for contınous workıng

Calculated stroke resıstance:for the 20.000 joule stroke energy that hıt to 10 teeth
In 300 mm above the ground;tooth broken possıblıty ıs %30

700 hours ın contınuos contact (Convenıent wıth cermet valves)

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